Coloured worlds

“Men in made to measure suits feed cows.

Street kids treat gods with ultrasound by firing firecrackers.

Strong young men try to break down a house with piteous small hammers.

Out of open doors comes Hindi music, mixed with shouts of serial heroes and playing kids.

Cars stop in front of red traficlights, nobodys on the street.

Parcs miss the shouting of playing kids but get to hear slow walking old people every day.

Houses areonly build to swallow cars and spill them out again.”

Many things which are a matter of course in our own country, is a surprise for someone coming from a different part of the world. What are these characteristics and peculiarities in our own culture which we don’t see any more?

In a photographical exchange between India and Germany the two photographers Helena Schätzle and Sudharak Olwe tried to capture their asthonishment with their camera.

Helena Schätzle and Sudharak Olwe show their images together in the exhibition“ coloured worlds“. The indian world seen through the eyes of a german, the german world seen through the eyes of an indian.

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