Spending my hopes

What do you do, when you always make wrong choices about life? Well, you make sure to not repeat your mistakes, not if you are Tulsi Ramprasad Thakur.

A mother of three, she lost a teenage daughter to brain tumour few years ago. Her younger daughter, who is now married, is restricted by her in-laws to see her mother. And the youngest son is unemployed. An orphan, a mother, a lover, a poet, a photographer and a painter- Tulsi loves all art. But her favourite hobby amongst all is ‘Life’.

She has sold postcards, bags, crystals, her house and sometimes herself, to feed her family. A small shanty, on one of the shores of Mumbai, has been her home since the past 40 years. Her home has stood against the tides and the heat but could never resist the enormous demolition drives by the government.

Tulsi discusses Indian Politics like a bureaucrat and rhymes her verses with ease. She is assertive and never afraid to take her stand. She is the head of her family and knows her moves well. She is strong and courageous yet seldom tears roll down her cheek.

Her journey is not like any other woman of her age. Being raped at twelve and a mother at the age of thirteen, Tulsi has an unusual tale to narrate- A story not about strength but about hope.

Text by Ushma Jani