Touching Lives

Globally, India is one of the second largest home to HIV and AIDS. Despite the alarming spread of infection, there is still inadequate information or misinformation about the causes. Female sex workers comprise a diverse set of women who are the crux of the issue, working at the grass-root level of the problem. The total number of registered sex workers in India is 6,9 million. The actual number is higher as there are a number of sex workers who are not registered. The biggest high risk areas in India are located in Kamathipura in Mumbai, Sonagachi in Kolkata, GB Road in Delhi, Budhwarpet in Pune and Reshmapur in Gwalior. A sex worker’s average income is about Rs 300-350 (6-7 $) per day, depending on where she is located as well as her personal characteristics. Through this photo-documentation, we aim to bring to light the real stories of the people belonging to certain social groups that are at the highest risk of contracting these sexually-transmitted diseases.

The work is part of a project for HLFPPT, the photographs are taken by Sudharak Olwe and me.